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Photo by Sigal Galil (2019)


I am a self-taught photographer, born in Moscow and currently residing in Jerusalem (one of my biggest sources of inspiration).

Photography came into my life, quite by chance, when I was about 30, and it soon became obvious that all my previous life has been a preparation for it. 

As a stage photographer, I have worked with some of the most prominent Israeli dancers, choreographers and performers. I have participated in several exhibitions, the most significant was in the world-renowned Museum on the Seam in Jerusalem.

'The Highest Concentration' was the name of my first solo exhibition in 2016.

Many things has changed since then, but the name still expresses the essence of photography for me. 

The highest concentration is a state.

I find myself calling the heart of the object to be in this state, to respond to me.

my approach to photography pushes the limits of physical and emotional ability to connect to a human, a tree or a still matter in front of my lens. 

I love a fragile balance of motion and stillness, a thin line between them.

I love finding human images in nature and still matter around me.

I love showing people their beauty.

I am happy when someone says that my picture expresses something that he thought was impossible even to capture.

And all the rest, I hope my works will tell.

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